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March 13, 2008


Ack! Oh, how I wish I hadn't let my fabric fund run dry. That Ring Around the Rosy is KILLING ME! Wonderful designs, as always, Heather! And lucky SuperBuzzy to be stocking it! Fun!

oh. see. it is so good we stopped in before all this arrived. though. my husband is down south again. i could have him pop in over there :) thank you so much for mailing phoenix's sweatshirt. you are so kind. glad to see you are finding time to sqeeze in a post here and there between everything! :)

Oh, I really love the second one with the dancing animals! And a linen blend as well, I will have to head over to the website to check everything out.

I had to buy that ring a rosy already!!you guys are killing me over here!!

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