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October 08, 2007


Congratulations on moving all of the stuff and setting up a new home. Maybe I can come up for a visit some time soon....when will you be open for guests?

Wow, some big changes! Good luck with everything, sounds as though you are taking it all in stride and settling in nicely.

Hey K - good luck with the SB I'm sure you'll be fine. Superbuzzy rocks!

I'm sending you a link to Under A Blue Moon. Made my day to read two blogs on the same day enjoying the culinary delights of the HI-LO Cafe. The sign drew me in like so many others this past summer on my way to SF. Small world!
Superbuzzy is great! Good luck getting the new headquarters set up. Take care!

Good luck in your new HQ!

Yaaaay! Do you know how close I live to Eastman? I can't wait to come by (with warning, of course!) and meet you. I can tell you, Ventura is sooooo happy to have the Buzzy!


Wow, big changes! Aren't moms the best? You can always count on them to lend a hand! Now that SB is in so cal, I have better than a snowball's chance in you-know-where of getting there! Yay!

I haven't had much time to keep up with blogs and news, but I just placed an order and noticed that it now says the orders are coming from Ventura, so I had to see what was up! Thanks for clearing that up. I hope things go well for both you and Mariko.

Whew! what an undertaking, moving allllll! the merchandise. Hope it's all settled in just fine. Thanks for keeping superb going, such cool stuff to buy!

wow! do you like Japanese craft book?
there were two books which I designed in them:)
i was surprised and i am happy^^

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