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July 24, 2007


Glad to see you up and blogging again! I've missed you! Did you know that SuperBuzzy was mentioned in Aranzi Machine Gun Volume I. I don't know that it's considered Manga, but it's a combination of comic and craft magazine. Very cute.

Hey, you made it to Waipio Valley. Right on. Can't wait for more crafting too.

highly recommend the ritz holiday tea for littles at christmas time

you have been a busy bee!! well done!

Okay, so I live here in Pasadena and you've done more here in a day than I've done as long as I've been here! lol!

I'll have to check out the Gamble House.

Ok - I just have to ask are you in Camarillo? I grew up there and my parents still live there. I know this is a random thing to ask! Also, my kids Evelyn almost 5 & Owen almost 1 are having a monkey themed birthday party (in Camarillo) and this is how I found your typepad. Anyhow - Hi!

Okay, I live here in Thousand Oaks and have done none of the fun things you listed except for SPRINKLES (no shock to those that know me!). That's it, I'm writing them all down now and doing one this month for sure. Thanks for the inspiration!

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