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April 23, 2007


great ideas! thanks for sharing. i am so sorry we won't be able to attend the theodore payne tours - i can't wait to hear your report!! xo

Thanks for sharing the great ideas! I like that they're realistic unlike the one square of toilet paper thing Sheryl Crow was touting. I kind of thought she was joking but I'm not so sure now. I hope your life is making the smooth transition that you're hoping for! (sorry, I'm a bit behind!)

All great tips! We've been thinking about vermiculture too, in part because Max seems to love the worms (we visit them at our local environmental education center) and because our outdoor compost bin is not working and I'm very frustrated! I figure that as long as the worms are alive, they'll be doing the compost thing, right? I hope you post again about your successes with your worms!

I absolutely love that you've posted this. I always think about making changes (indeed, I'm rabid about "going green" and harass my friends about it frequently) but haven't actually made the leap with many of the things you post here. Thanks for sharing this!

Hi, Wonderful posting of your thoughts. Just this week, I'm making plans to sew bags to take to the grocery store so I can say no to paper or plastic bags at the checkout. I'm going to get some oil cloth (thrifted if possible) for this.

Best of luck to you in this challenge. We're all in it together!


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