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April 19, 2007


I just got around to sewing my first apron, fun!
Love the empire waisted one.

oooh that pattern is so great! how is life?? are you all done with your design work now?

I purchased a copy of this book recently and am enjoying it also :)

Great find, that apron pattern! Lots of good options there.

it is a lovly book with some really nice vintage aprons-

and thanks for the mention! I wish were listed as a resource as well, but I am just happy there are more apron books out there-but again, thanks for the support Kelly.

The illustrations on that pattern make my knees weak.. How crazzy is that art?
The empire waist long rufflled apron is too lovely.

those apron patterns are awesome. i can't get over how skinny their waists are! hahahah. i want to buy that book now.

I just heard that Kathy Ireland is coming out with a new book. It's supposed to be about solutions for a lots different things and related to home and just your life in general. I really enjoyed her last book and I look forward to getting this one.

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