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January 02, 2007


wow!! lots and lots of snow....looks like fun (from over here, in my warm dry little spot on earth).

Yes! Colorado is great! I live in Denver and have really enjoyed having a "real" winter!

Love your photo of the museum. We've yet to make it there.

BTW, the last picture of the Denver scenery made me laugh because all I could think was, "Denver looks like 'Little House on the Prairie!'" Was this taken south of the city?

white christmas! how fun, and lucky you with perfect travel timing. i can not get over how big brynne looks...

Winter wonderland, indeed! Wow! Sometimes I miss living in Colorado, particularly during the holidays.

Brynne looks so pretty with her cousin.

Holy cow that's a lot of snow. Look at Brynne's rosy little cheeks!

We were in Denver for the 2nd storm and it was interesting to say the least getting around. A ton of fun though! I love Colorado!

Cute pics!

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