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December 21, 2006


Absolutely amazing! I'm so impressed. If this isn't a tutorial posted on Whip Up already, you should submit it. I'm certain you would get great response. Thanks for sharing.

What a great project and such wonderful results! This will surely be a treasured gift, Kelly.

Fantastic idea. It looks wonderful!

I love silhouettes! This is absolutely beautiful - what a great project!

that is spectacular. truly.

kelly-it is amazing!! and how beautiful your brynne is!!

i am sure she will love it! it is gorgeous. gorgeous! have a lovely holiday!

so good!

this is over-the-top brilliant! love it!

I love it!! I think her Grandma is going to be delighted!!

What an awesome project and it has such special meaning which makes it ever so fantastic.

longtime lurker here... I just had to comment on this one. Absolutely Gorgeous!

This is so awesome.

this is fabulous..i tried just regular paper silhouettes with emma awhile back and she moved so much it was impossible...but working from a picture would be so much easier! great idea.

What an amazing idea! So different. It turned out really well, congratulations.

I am always looking for new craft ideas. I thought just about everything new that could be done has been published already.

At least for me, this is unique quilt and perfect for gift giving.

I look forwarding to seeing more new ideas.

That is very cool! I never thought of doing a silhoutte on anything but paper.

Magnífica idea GRACIAS por compartir.

Wow, what a cool quilt!

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