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December 19, 2006


I haven't tried these Peeps, but I love, love, love the strawberry Valentines peeps! I don't know why they don't add a real flavor, other than "sugar" to all of the peeps. They're so good when they taste like something.

Oh, the suspense! Will Mariko be man enough to accept your challenge!?!

wow and to think not long ago the only peeps you could get were yellow chicks.

this is the funniest post i've read in ages. throwing down the peep gauntlet!!! :)

we secretly signed up a guy at work to the peep fan club last year. he gets a news letter and tshirt. sweet!

Oh, I've tried those peeps and they are great! My personal favs are the cocoa bats at Halloween, but they are surprisingly hard to find. Can't wait to see if Mariko comes up with that cake!

They are certainly becoming more creative with the Peeps nowadays--how cute. I love all the little decorating ideas.

Can you get sugar poisoning??????
Mariko - the challenge is set :)

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