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December 04, 2006


I need to do a photoshoot with my superbuzzy tee but I'm never gonna be as cute as Brynne!!! Japan really has mastered the cute thing, huh!!!

It's all so cute (especially your girl!). I've been eyeing that teapot for one for sooo long now! Did you buy it at Colorful Cute? I looked and they're sold out, so I guess the trick is to just keep checking back...Great stuff you got!

Very nice! And boy, you went nuts, didn't you? I was eyeing that teapot but resisted, and I just got the hedgehog bowl, not the mug AND the bowl. And I think Brynne is the perfect poster child for superbuzzy.

You got your package! I am so glad you got it and you liked it all. Thanks for the post *hugs*

I heart kiddyland!

cutest billboard ever! cram cream... sigh...

Oh, all the stuff you got is so cute! I was sad to see that most of it was already sold out at colorful cute. I will have to keep looking.

A lot of cute stuff!! And your daughter is adorable!

Ho my !
The tea set and the milk mug are so cute !
I am French (Paris) and it's so difficult to find cute things here !
Where can i find that on the web ?

Thank you ! :-)

See ya !

Wow - I have just discovered your blog while searching for some "mushroom" images for a design project I am working on. This stuff looks fantastic and I feel like I have been missing out - will have to check out "Colorful Cute". Looking forward to exploring your blog to see what else I have been missing out on!

What a shame - just realised the dates on this blog! Will be good for reference I guess! Also the Vanz comment was mine, so not sure what's going on with the comments - mine appears to be blank - oh well.

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