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December 18, 2006


call him "station."

We wanted to adopt a greyhound when we were living in California, they are sweet dogs. "Kevin" certainly doesn't fit that cutie pie, maybe a Japanese name...he does look a little Asian around the eyes.

What about "Matcha"?

o he is beautiful.
i know bella is a female name...but he is beautiful.

I like Huckle. He looks so much like my sister's greyhound (back when he was fresh off the track -- now he's got a bit of middle-age spread). He looks like he knows he's home.

He's beautiful! I suggest Bandit.. (as in Brynne and the Bandit, I guess that means you're in for trouble)? He looks like a Bandit - in a good way! Or Scrappy (as in scrap happy.. but I guess that means your fabric scraps will be in trouble). He's adorable no matter what you call him :)

Ahhhh...a dog-lover is de-lurking! You need something short, recognizable, and distinctive that he will understand & know as his...usually with a vowel sound at the end.... Hmmm. Hard to say without actually meeting him. Niko? Kaiyo? Asa? (I have a Leo). ;)

Why don't you just call him "BUZZ"??

My suggestions so far are pretty cheesy and aren't "sticking"
Nivek (Kevin spelled backwards, and the original skinny puppy)
Blixa? Blix?
Kelly came up with Max last night - which works but is still a little ...

your suggestions are much appreciated, we're definitely wrestling with this one.

He looks very regal laying on the bed and because Greyhounds originated in Egypt...what about Pharaoh!

oh he's so pretty. how about beau (or bo)?

gosh who can beat station? i love that name, but i do have a soft spot for beckett too. i can picture you yelling out the back door, brynne!!! beck!!! come inside!!!

i was going to jump in with an idea...but i don't have anything that can beat 'station'. so i'll just cast my vote for that one!! i love it.

Zak, as in Zakka




I forgot to say he is very cute! He looks very comfortable on your bed -- almost like he is posing on purpose trying to look irresistible!

Gocco -- I have no idea why. Just thought it would be cute andy funny. (And who except die-hard crafters know what a Gocco is? It's like a crafty inside joke!)

My uncle came up with one of the most clever names for a dog ever--Stella. It was quite intentional. When it came time to call her in, he would stand on his back porch and yell STELLA, STELLA! How great is that?!
A few others for you: Moe, Brando, Luke, Carlo...

I'm not sure how well this name will fit, but when I saw the cute pictures of him I thought Leon. Kind of like Lion, but he's just so pretty! I got a puppy recently too, and boy are they a handful! Best of wishes for your new family member!

How wonderful! I'm thinking that may be in our future somewhere down the road (long down the road since we already have two dogs!). Congrats!

Here are my ideas...


But my fave that I saw on this list was Gocco--that's a good one!

I had to chime in again when I say the Egyptian reference. How about Tut or Anubis or Seth? He does look adorably regal. A lovely dog!

I love the challenge of naming animals...how about...

Actually, I think he looks more like a Rio. He has a swarthy South American look to him...a cultured charmer. The fawn greyhounds are my favorite!

Here's what I came up with:


Here's what I came up with:


He's beautiful no matter what you call him!

I like the buzz idea... or maybe sirius or fido? I know fido means faithful in latin and siruis well he's the dog constellation

but I must admit that he is a real cutie!

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