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November 05, 2006


I am very excited for you both! My most exciting trip recently was to Portland last month. Go figure, huh?

I'm crafting with my Arizona Rabbit fabric right now....if you bring back more of that line, i'll buy some!!!! *hint, hint*

Can't wait for all the details (and photos!)

Had a great day with both of you yesterday and that Capsule hotel looks like FUN!!!! Remember if you need anything just call. Think of me as your on-call concierge service!!! BTW, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

That is the most bizarre hotel I've ever seen! Have a fabulous time, get inspired and bring us back lots of photos!

Sounds like you are having a lot of fun!

Hooray! How very exciting. I'm living vicariously through you! ^_^

It all sounds amazing and I am so pleased for you both that you are there. You are doing all the thinga I'd love to do so I'll be reading with great interest. Have a wonderful time.

all the things, even

omg Hope you are having a fun time. You must explain the whole capsule thing when you get back!

I am so jealous. Kat AND Molly AND Anjali with Mariko. Good Gracious. So cool! There should be a group tour for meeting bloggers in Japan.
Hope the buying trip goes well.

I'm so jealous! You guys must be having a blast!

Oh how exciting! I can't wait to see your pictures and purchases and to hear more about your adventure!

I'm so thrilled for you Kelly! I can't wait to see all the cuteness you and Mariko encounter and all the goodies you bring back!

Happy belated birthday, Kelly! I saw you over at Anjali's...did you finish that piece of cake? ;-)

whooo.. the capsule must be an experience. We are all so envious now :)
Have fun in Japan!

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