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November 01, 2006


Um, cute, cute, cute, cute!!! See you on Sunday!!

what a cutie!! And I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one who came up with a 'backup' costume. I wasn't sure until about 6pm whether Ezra was a clown or a crow. ;) The cowgirl makes a mighty fine understudy.

oh god, she is so cute!

Good job on that costume, and such a cutie pie.

Both costumes are so sweet! I love the lion, you did such a wonderful job on it! Looks like a Halloween to remember.

That is the most adoreable little lion/cowgirl I've seen! Great job on the lion costume. It looks amazing.

mmm dots, that's my kind of lion!

I saw another blogger posted that she picks out candy that is not in halloween packaging, puts in a ziploc bag, freezes it until it's time to stuff stockings.

How adorable! Kelly, she has grown up so much, she's beautiful!

she gets moe gorgeous everyday!!! i love that last photo of her chewing in her lion costume.

so cute and so many loops. oh my! serious pat on the back for this one kelly. um. have you noticed in that last picture brynne looks like a GIRL not a baby anymore???? didnt want to freak you out or anything... ;)

She's adorable - but those "Dots" are a mystery to me too. People keep giving them to me and I just keep passing them along to someone else. Guess it's an acquired taste ... ?

dots are big here, too. maybe it's a four-year old thing...although I kinda like 'em too. the costume is fantastic. she's looks so cute!

She looks adorable!!!! By the way, I love the carved "pumpkin pi" in the second photo! Very clever!

What type of ribbon did you use on the lion costume. I have the tom arma pattern but it does not list the type of ribbon to use.

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