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November 17, 2006


Definitely not boring! I love that stripey quilt, but oh I can imagine the headache I would have had trying to sew it. As it is, I can't look at the picture too long or my eyes start to cross...

Great travelogue, Kelly! I loved your quilt shots...aren't the Japanese quilts stunning? Even the ones I didn't really care for, design-wise, were usually mesmerizing in the sheer amount of detail and handwork.
I wish I had seen foot massagers like that after the Tokyo show!

Definitely not boring. Thanks for all the great pictures!

Ohhhhh, the foot massagerrrrrrrrr.

love this quilt.. my aunt lived in in yokohama and told me that most japanese quilters handsew their entire quilts. love your blog

Boring?! Are you kidding? I'm on the edge of my seat! I love hearing about your trip and checking out the photos.

Wow what a great story! I love the pictures you've taken. And you can totally picture yourself right there too. ^_^

How could this get boring - please tell us more! I have always wanted to go back to Japan - I visited with my family for a few months when I was six, but was really too young to appreciate it fully. So please: do keep the pictures an stories coming :-)

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