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October 19, 2006


Maybe you could try setting up ( if typepad allows) a link from your mobile phone. so you can snap a pic and it can then be sent straight to your blog. That way we can at least see and explanations can be added later.

Yes, yes, yes!!! Oh, you will have SUCH a fabulous time. (Email to follow, later....)

hoooray! PLEASE see if you can bring back copies of *darling blythe* and other not available in US crafty mags and books...
It would be GREAT if we could order the fabulous quilt/sewing mags and books through YOU for those of us in the hinterlands without a good (sniff) bookstore source!

Oh, wow, lucky things! I found so much amazing stuff there just wandering in the giant shopping malls that I can't even imagine what you'll find if you actually know where to go. I'm warning you that I'll hit you up for the list of places if I ever get to go again!

that's so exciting!!!
i am so happy
for you-
i will comb through
my old albums
to see
where i went but
it's been
9 years
so i doubt that
i can
be much help!!!
can't wait to see
all the photos
from your travels!

well, i personally would like to see some japanese knitting books....


If you haven't already you should read this blog
http://www.sweetlittletreat.blogspot.com/ The girls have just been on a trip to Tokyo and they seem to have the eating part sussed. They also posted an entry about a trip they took to Textile Town which you should read, as they discovered that they could only pay cash, of which they had taken very litte.

Wow, have fun, first and foremost! And secondly, is there some way you can bring back some of those Cotton Paint and Cotton time magazines, and maybe some more Japanese craft books? Like, lots? And then a few more? Enjoy yourselves!

oh...I'm so happy for you. Have fun!

I've been looking everywere for news paper printed fabric...

oh so excited and happy for you! (and a little green!) can't wait to hear all about it...

sounds so wonderful! what fun.
I would love to be able to buy that cafe magazine. and any fabric. I can't wait to see what wonderful fabric you come back with!

ok kelly. breath for a minute. dont go too crazy with those diagrams! i know you and mariko will have a wonderful trip both for superbuzzy and for yourselves!

That is so feakin' exciting! I have absolutely no suggestions since I hven't been able to make a trip there (someday, but not soon enough!). I'm just so excited for you! Please take an absolutely buttload of pictures!!!!!!

oh wow.. that sounds wonderful! I am excited you get to go to Japan.

What to buy... LOTS of way cute fabric (like the owls and pears, yeah) and twill tape. There is a brand that is in one of my books, cannot remember the name, English name, but was great twill tape. Also, where do they get all the cool straps for bags? I never see anything like that around here. Their abundance of "natural" looking fibers is amazing. They also have amazing kits, that I cannot figure out how to "mail order" in Japanese.

ALSO, the have crochet/knit cotton yarn. Yes we have several brands over here, but have you ever thought about carrying some of their stuff?

I would love to go to Japan, but I would have to save my money for a long time and be able to afford to ship everything back because what I would take back would not fit in the belly of a plane!

Have fun and happy shopping!

That sounds like a dream come true;-)Not just because of the bussiness in it, I think travelling to Japan and see the country is a wonderfull experience. I was thinking that it would be great if you were selling those fabulous magazines such as Cotton and paint. They are impossible for me to get here in Denmark. I wish for both of you to have a wonderfull trip.

oh my goodness. i'm just so excited for you at the moment i can't even think of what i'd want you to look for...i'll have to look through some of my books. but YAY!! you're going!! i'm thrilled for you.

Hi Kelly!

After spending a week in Tokyo in May, here's what I was able to find on my little fabric adventures:

1. “Tomato” - in Nippori, the wholesale fabric district of Tokyo. Just like Queen St. in Toronto, it is the mecca for fabric, notions, and sewing equipment and supplies. Tomato is 5-floors high, with each floor specializing in a different type of fabric.

2. “Shibuya Marunan” - Remember that scene in “Lost in Translation” where Bill Murray and Scarlett Johannson meet in front of a giant TV screen with hundreds of people and cars all around them? This is where the store is, and it’s got a great selection of Japanese and Hawaiian prints.

3. “Kinkado” - a department store in Ikebukuro. I almost lost it when i saw all the sweet prints in the fabric section. *side note - just to show you how wonderful the Japanese people are: I had such a difficult time trying to find the darn store, as my directions were confusing and i had no idea where i was going. But every time i asked for help, shopkeepers would actually leave their store and walk me half a block in the right direction! A guy who was handing out flyers on the street even tried to draw me a map because I didn’t understand Japanese, bless his little heart.

Try to pace yourselves. I was hyper-ventilating so much from the visual stimulation I almost fainted a few times...

(I also posted this on Mariko's blog so she could get the lowdown too. Hope you two have a blast!)

Excellent. Can't wait to meet you both. You definitely need to insert some relaxation time...a trip to local outdoor hotsprings might just be the thing!!!

I'm so happy for you!!! I have no tips or requests except to take lots of photos and eat tons of wonderful food! Can't wait to hear about it...

Yayayayayay!!!!! I'm so glad you two can make a trip! I hope I'll get to see you! Keep me posted on your plans. :)

Marvelous! I'm sure you will have a fab time there and lots of great purchases. :)

So. Excited. For. YOU! And a tad jealous I might add- in a good way of course. Have FUN! I don't care what you buy actually. ^_^

i'm not sure if japan has a form of "2nd hand stores" that we have here, but maybe you could go there for some interesting vintage japanese fabrics & sell them in scrap-packs. or using the same idea - vintage (or 2nd hand) kimono's.

Oh! You! How convenient that your trip should coincide with the Quilt Show! Have fun! And maybe you could have a non-work day at Disney Tokyo! Ok, not the best suggestion, but it may be novel. Oh, and please do enjoy the food! Along with all the wonderful Japan-related topics, that should be one of them!

Congratulations for making this happen! If you can find cool little boy fabrics (my guy is 2 and a half right now). Or generally non-gender specific fabrics. Are you familiar with the blog by moonstitches? she is a german woman living in japan... maybe a blogger linkup with her? http://moonstitches.typepad.com/moonstitches/

eat lots of yummy food while there and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy....

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