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October 30, 2006


yeah, my mom made that costume for my son - it's worth the trouble - SO cute and everyone loves it. she took the feet off as well - and we're glad to get to use it a second time with my youngest this year.

I'll bet she looks so adorable! I have to admit: if they had the skunk in my size, that's probably what I would go as this year.

I made the panda for my niece Erin when she was 1 and then used that same pattern as guide when I made my niece Eva a Hello Kitty costume when she was 2. They are very well done and really turn out cute! Can't wait to see the pictures of how the lion turned out.

can't wait to see the photos! I'm sure she'll look very cute.

I made the monkey costume for my daughter when she was 2 or 3. She loved it and wore it for a few years.

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