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October 09, 2006


Cute idea with the jet set. I'd love to see a tutorial.
I am glad Superbuzzy is going well, but I do miss your blog! I check your site every day on my rounds of blog-lurking, and am often disappointed when there is no new news. Your is the first one I stop at because I use your links to other bloggers!
Anyway, you're bookmarked and I'm on your newsletter list, so I'm not going anywhere! All the best in figuring out what works best!

gee have a few things to do lately kelly?? the patches are supercute and i would LOVE to see the tutorial!

You are one busy girl!

I would *love* a bubblejet tutorial! I've thought about trying it, but really have no clue.

I know how you feel in the too much to do, too little time department. Have you seen the website www.basecamphq.com ? It's really just one big online to-do list but I found it's good to keep things on task, especially if there's more than one person involved. Good Luck!!

http://[email protected]

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