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September 28, 2006


Hmm, that does seem like a really high butter to flour ratio, (it's higher than the other recipes) may be a typo. It's almost like they started to increase the recipe and forgot to increase the flour and baking powder. My experience with Martha recipes is that they don't seem well tested, sad, because they sound so tasty.

So, Kelly's at a quilting class and as usual, I'm parked in front of the PC. I figured I'd catch up with her blog and try one of these cupcakes at the same time. Greasy lil' mo-fo's! Pretty good tasting, but nothing all that stellar. Mine stuck to the wrapper too, which is odd given how much lubrication was present.

I'll take them to work and they're sure to disappear quickly - it will be interesting to hear my colleagues' comments. They're surprisingly candid (i.e. they lack tact), and I suspect that they'll notice their buttery fingers and chins post munching.

I've got a chocolate chip cookie-cupcake recipe that I really like--but I have run into those same problems. There isn't usually a puddle of butter, but the papers usually get soaked, and it is impossible to remove the cupcakes gracefully from the liners. So maybe these problems are just inherent in trying to make a cookie a cupcake? Still, the idea is tasty enough that I keep making them!

I've had the "pool of butter" experience from a Martha cupcake recipe too-- the one from I think the September magazine with a chunk of chocolate in the center. Butter everywhere in the cupcake tin and leaching out of the bottom of the liners. Not sure what is up with that. Though they did taste good (and yours look delish).

For some reason, I tend to picture Martha Stewart sitting in her kitchen with a stick of butter saying, "Mmmmm. Butter." in a Deliverence-type voice. I really don't know why, but it's time I shared that fact with you, seeing as how you are aware of her butter fixation. Maybe she owns stock in Land O' Lakes

i love martha but her recipes have not been tops in my experience...i use the ideas and then get my recipes from another source, good ole fanny farmer usually or nigella lawson. it's too bad because i still buy her cookbooks for the ideas and tips (so i'm really stupid right)!

I tried this recipe yesterday. Thanks to you (:-)

I didn't have the butter problem. But I did have the cupcake sticking to the paper problem. It was tasty though!

This is the only cupcake I made for September, and I did have some butter go through the liners and into the bottom of the pan's cups. Not as much as you had, though, from your description. I really liked these--they were very soft and nummy--although they didn't rise well and weren't the best in the looks dept.

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