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September 04, 2006


Ah, at least you gave it the old college try! It's pretty typical of Martha to include ingredients that nobody can get! Hope the September cake is less frustrating.

What an ordeal! They sell the Haagen Dazs peach sorbet at my local plain old not gourmet grocery store. You should have asked me, I would have sent you some. ;)

How frustrating, but I must say I'm so jealous of your "usual" grocery stops. I was out in CA working last spring and fell in love with Von's and Trader Joe's. We have nothing like Von's in the Twin Cities and Trader Joe's are new on the scene here, so still sparse.

I had a similar ordeal this weekend with one of Martha's peach pie recipes. I looked everywhere for creme fraiche and was unable to find it. After looking online, I learned that you can make your own by letting buttermilk and whipping cream do their business together for about 24-36 hours. No thanks. I made a peach and blueberry tart from the wonderful cookbook Once Upon a Tart and it turned out wonderful, so I am happy.

who knew peach sorbet could be such a bear to find?? wow--good for you for trying so hard, though!! (i'd have forfeited, too)

How bizarre. I don't blame you for not wanting to make the sorbet yourself. There just reaches a limit, you know?!

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