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September 21, 2006


I am SO going to Trader Joe's! Those look really lovely. And hey, I think we actually "met" because of a shared interest in matcha-flavored Kit Kats!

The Cupcake Bakeshop by Chockylit blog has some great cupcake recipes, some of which are green tea themed.

I just bought the matcha green tea mix this morning! I was going to email Mariko since I know she loves green tea + matcha...how funny!

You can also do it by using a plain white cake recipe (or box mix) and adding a quarter cup of matcha powder.

I majored in Japanese in college and have spoken it for 15 (!) years...I love it. I'd love to talk about it with you! (Or help with homework, ha ha.)

Those look yummy! Gotta go to Trader Joe's!!

although the batter does look like it might make my stomach turn, the finished product sounds and looks yummy!

OMG! I want that plastic box with the tea puppies on it!!!

Yum! Sounds soooo good! Ruby likes to be a mixtress too. It's about time I tried to make her an apron...

Have you had Green Tea ice cream? I know they make it at (yes they make it) at one or two San Francisco ice cream stores - Pollyanna's and maybe Mitchell's Ice Cream. Ummm, yummy.

Those muffins look great! I am still hooked on matcha frappucinos, and there's a new hot green tea thing at Starbucks here for the cold weather.
Good luck with the Japanese classes - it's fun to learn, isn't it? So different to English, but that makes it interesting.

LOL turning Japanese. you and me both. I'm looking into a japanese class too. Too funny!

I just found your blog through wee wonderfuls (which I found from angry chicken!). I'm a Japanese expatriate who has recently come to really dig Japanese craft books. Alas, I have to go to a local Japanese book store where things cost about 1.5 times what they are in Japan. But that hasn't stopped me from buying them whenever I can. Good luck with your Japanese classes and if things get difficult, take a break and enjoy some of those muffins, maybe with a cup of green tea.

Guess what, Kelly?! I just bought a box of this for the first time today. . .they were giving samples away today at my local TJ's, and YUM! The chef made them and topped them w/ whipped cream and chopped nuts. . . so, so yummy! :)

I have to admit I was a little disappointed by the green tea muffins. They had a very "muffin mix" consistency to them, and I was darn careful not to overmix. My husband, who loves baked goods, ate just one, and I threw most of the batch away. I was inspired to drink a lot of actual green tea, though.

Oh well, not everything at TJ's can be the best ever.

I recently went to Korea for vacation and had THE most delicious green tea muffins in the world while I was there! Unbelievable! So, when I saw this Trader Joe's brand I was very excited. Unfortunately, I was VERY disappointed by the taste of the TJ brand muffins. They were nothing like the ones I had in Korea, meaning they didn't taste very good. I found them to be very bland and did not have much of a 'green tea' taste to them. I wish I was going back to Korea sometime soon.

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