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August 16, 2006


hm. i think i might bribe you to teach me how to sew. Lime popsicles?

I thumbed through that book when I was at Purl Patchwork last week and agree, Kelly. I was pleasantly surprised to find several fresh looking projects, not mere rehashes of things I've already seen.
Thumbs up on this one!

Thanks for sharing so many photographs from the new book. Looks like there are many fun projects in there!

thanks for letting us peek inside. i love that box bag, potholders and kimono-ish robe! they look so fun to make. and i agree with you about it being nice to see some new projects, not just recycling the old standbys.

Thanks for posting the pictures! I think that has definitely swayed me!

I got mine yesterday. I think it was worth the money just for the few bag patterns that were included. Speaking of patterns, I LOVE that they are separate, real patterns included with the book as opposed to having to enlarge an image printed in the last few pages.

I also got the book yesterday and I love it. The bags are great and I absolutely need some fancier pyjama pants!

Thank you so much for including the pictures. It's been on my Amazon wish list for a while but I just could not bring myself to pre-order it. I am definitely swaying more towards buying it - if somebody makes something from it - could you post it? I am super curious! Thanks.

I got the book this week as well and will probably start something this weekend! Perhaps you should start an Amy Butler sew-along?

I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. I'm actually amazed that more crafts and also cooking books aren't spiral bound, since this feature makes them so much easier to use!

Lovely book look forward to seeing your projects as they unfold

ohhh that is so cool that they are actual patterns!

Oh you enabler :) And you "conveniently" included an easy to get to link. But really, thanks for the peek - I was kinda wavering back and forth on this book and now I know I gotta have it.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing this book because I was wondering about it myself.The document cover thing looks great-who doesn't want pretty office supplies? Thanks for sharing-hope you have a lovely weekend, abby

I just found your blog a couple of nights ago and SOOO am enjoying it... I love the skirt you had on a while back,, love the books you put on .. so it appears as we are on the same way length on crafts, books.. etc.SOOOO fun.. thanks for sharing all you do..arly

I got this book last week, and I, too, was pleasantly surprised (especially because I'd forgotten I'd pre-ordered it- I opened the door one day and there it was!). I have looked through it quite a bit and don't know which one I'll try out first, I was thinking placemats for starters. I love the potholders. She's really made her prints look appealing again, I was getting weary of seeing them everywhere, but they look wonderful again in the book. I also love the pattern pieces being actual size, I never have an easy time enlarging pattern pieces 200 or 300%!

Thanks for the more in-depth look - I just happened upon this book at Amazon today after making the Chelsea bag yesterday - what a lucky coincidence. I think I'll have to have it!

It sounds like a great book that I definitely need! I'm sold on the great variety of patterns - sounds like there are cute, new things that are pretty and practical. Thanks for all of the great pictures and review! I'm off to Amazon!

I love that book too! I've already made the Kimono Robe and the Apron. The document duvet and patchwork bag are on my "to-do" list. I love them. I thought the instructions were great to follow (if a little on the small side for reading)

Thanks for the review! I had this book on my wish list already, but now I really have to go get it!
PS I bought fabric on your new site yesterday! I can't wait to get it!

thanks for the great tip! i blogged about you here :)

I've been one of those "on the fence". And I haven't been able to find it in the bookstores I've been in, so thank you so much for this post! I'm definitely over the fence now, and I'll just order it through Amazon if I have to...Ya know...no reason I shouldn't go into B & N one more time, just to check...lol!

Thanks for this great review - I have ordered the book from Amazon on the strength of it (and wouldn't you know, there was a discount if I bought Sew U at the same time, and after Amy's review I was easily convinced!)

Thanks for the review! I hadn't even heard about this book, but now I'm excited to start thinking about Christmas gifts, I still have enough time to make some handmade items! Thanks!

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