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July 13, 2006


If you're doing a Cuban party you need dominoes!! Good music is Buena Vista Social Club and Buena Vista Presents Ibrahim Ferrer. Great authentic stuff. Sounds like a great time. :)

oo--I love the idea of dominoes above...so fun. I was just on a website animadesigns.com
Its quite a mix of stuff, but they have a bunch of dominos (some really cool vintage ones, too) in their discount, closeout section, you should check it out!
It sounds like you have your hands full. I wish I could offer some great ideas for kid's crafts, but my mind is blank at the moment. But you can't beat a table full of paper and crayons, at least not for my children....
Keep us posted on all your plans. It will be fun hearing about the wonderful ideas you come up with!

do you still have the bean bag toss stuff from brynne's party? it kinda fits with a cuban/tropical theme. have fun this weekend, big partys are so much work and sometimes you forget that it is a party!

Some more suggestions on Cuban music: Polo Montanez's Guitarra Mia and Guajiro Natural. If you're interested in obtaining either of these, I can assist with that...

How funny! My father-in-law's 60th birthday party is only 2 weeks after yours. Fortunately, someone else is throwing it, so I'm off the hook. I had to laugh about going crazy with party plans. I tend to do a bit of that myself. Once you start planning and the ideas start rolling, it's hard to stop. Good luck! I'm sure it will all be lovely. :)

Yeah, what was up with typepad?
I had a few people email me to tell me that they posted something and it never appeared in the comment section-weird. Good luck with all of your party planning! I'm with you on the dots inspiration, dots are so cool this summer-on everything!

Okay.. It is so funny to me you find that post card inspirational. I work for Nordstrom in the display dept and couldn't be more tired of that pallette.. or maybe I am just tired of the dots. Maybe a quilt could give them a new lease on life.

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