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July 10, 2006


I love your presentation! Beautiful. Looks delicious. Pound cake, whipped cream, berries... sounds like the perfect summer dessert!

If it wasn't so hot that my oven was hibernating, I would have to make this right now!

It looks SO good and so light! I might have to bookmark that!

Oh yum...can you send over a little of that?

Mmm! They look delish!

yum! I love me some poundcake... :)

my tummy is growling...

Yummmmm! It looks delicious!

i can't wait to try this one! did you use the cake flour and regular flour? i've never used cake flour in my recipes before...does it make a big difference?
i've already got the raspberries sitting and waiting for this one!

YUMOLA!!!! My stomach hurts so badly today, yet I still want to gobble up that entire cake with cream & berries :)

Ok, I think I'm going to have to make this today. Looks delicious!

Looks good, and the other cunning thing about your decorating one slice at a time is a mich higher cream and fruit to cake ratio - GOT to be a good thing!

Hmmm... I want a piece of this so well looking cake!!!

Woohoo! Awesome news, and thanks for the tip about the whipped cream!

looks absolutely delicious!

Those berries are HUGE... and I think you achieved marthadom with the presentation... she would be most pleased :)

Best of luck on the upcoming soiree!

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