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June 12, 2006


oh gosh. i havent left the continent since 98 either. how sad. i have friends who went backpacking in spain with a five and three year old and said it was wonderful. gives me hope. i see that spain is NOT red on your map. tisk, tisk.

I haven't left the continent ever- if that is any consolation for you. You might enjoy seeing the pictures from the QUILT WALK in Panquitch Utah I was fortunate to see this past Friday!
Your quilt is Fantastic!
MB in JT

Fear not traveling with your child! For we have done it--and survived! We took a trip when my then 16 monther to Italy! It was not so bad! In fact, we went with another couple who ALSO had a little one of the same age. We had it harder since our son is a certified WANDERER! But you know, we still loved it! So did he. He loved exploring the piazzas and alley-ways. And when he pitched a fit we shoved pizza or the secret weapon--GELATO in his face. It seems you've already been there, but it's a different experience with little ones. You can nix traditional museums, but there are still many things to "explore"--ruins, old towns, shops, parks. Even some musuems are still intersting enough for little ones if it's something they can explore.
Before kids, we went to Thailand. I would LOVE to take the kids there (try travel with TWO kids). Thailand is SO fantastic--and the food ooooh! Kids would LOVE it there!
I grew up in Hong Kong, and that is an awesome city. It is exotic while still having havens of "english" if you are weary of being misunderstood. I also saw a show on The Travel Channel that focused on travel with children in Hong Kong. Wow. It has so much to offer families!
But I think that little kids are so fascinated by the new-ness of a foreign country that they won't ever be bored!
Tell us where you decide to go! You've gotten me fantacizing about going on a trip again!

Ooh - there's a big white open space in the bottom right hand corner of your map... come to visit your Australian blog friends! ;)

LOL it's too funny ! Thanks for the link ! I made my own you can see on my blog ! Smooches

ooo I really enjoyed Poland. It's very beutiful and has a lot of history... and it's pretty safe... I never once felt scared while I was there.

Hey, I just came around your blog. I am originally from Croatia and I see that is still "grey" color on your map. Please visit! Country is beautiful Mediteranean country with more than thousant islands every one of which has unique hisotry and culture. Adriatic sea is a beautiful green/blue color. I think the best way to see the country is to fly in Zagreb (our capital) and old European metropola with much history and culture (and the best ice cream store - Vincek right on the Ilica (main street)), and then take a road trip to the coast. On the way you can stop at the Plitvice National Park with cascading lakes and tall waterfalls, or Paklenica or Risnjak National Parks which are up in the mountains (they have snow year around). You can drive all the way down the coast on the Serpentine drive to Dubrovnik and on the way stop at various cities and islands along the coast. Drive itself is so nice since it is cut into the mountain which is paralell to the sea and you can see the sea most of the way from the car. Dubrovnik is a special city whith spirit that exists there that I cannot describe, you just have to visit it!
When you go E-mail me and I will be happy to answer any questions and help.


I travelled Cambodia not so long ago, and would totally recommend it.

The country's just opening up after the whole Khmer-Rouge thing way-back-when, so it's still really untouched and un-westernised, except for Siem Reap which is where the package-tourists go. Gotta get there fast though; they're starting to build more paved roads (there was just one when we went - seriously! Everything else was just a mud-track)

Photos here - http://canny-cat.com/?p=142#fotos

Catherine x

My friends take their family to Fiji every year. They run their own charter, so they take like 10 friends and get the trip for free. That's what I'm talkin' about! My ex-boyfriend was telling me about his trip there, and actually got tears when he described its beauty (from that kind of guy, who never shows his emotions...that's saying a lot).

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