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June 05, 2006


Bravo, Kelly! It looks fantastic.
No better feeling than putting the final stitch in a quilt!

Oh my goodness. That is fantastic...and SO ambitious.

This quilt is wonderful! I love the details in the close-ups.

Wow...it's amazing!!! I am so very impressed. Congratulations on making it through a tough project!

that is truly amazing, kelly. what an accomplishment!

Congratulations! What a fantastic achievement. Definetely a work of art.

WOW! What a great quilt!

It's fantastic! Wowzers!

I can only imagine how it must have felt to write this post! The quilt looks spectacular. I love your attention to detail with the quilting thread changes, etc. Congratulations!

That is a great accomplishment. Very well done!

Wonderful!! I can't believe how great this came out! Awesome job.

wow. i am in awe. way to go kelly!

holy kamole! FABULOUS!

Wow - that quilt is GORGEOUS!!

It's beautiful.

Absolutely without question a beautiful quilt! Gorgeous use of the greyscale as well and in the end truly a Modern Quilt - sophisticated! Great job, congrats on finishing it. :-)

WOW! That is soooo inspiring! Love it, love it.

Wow! Beautiful. It definitly looks worth all the time you gave it--but do enjoy your break now that it's done.

great job Kelly! it's beautiful! :)


It's really wonderful Kelly! I love the fabric on the back, too.

Unbelievable! Just wonderful Kelly. I'll say you're a confident quilter!! I can't imagine piecing all those odd shaped pieces together! WOW!

the amount of time and patience and work that went into this quilt just takes my breath away. it is fabulous. You should feel so proud. well done!!

oh my gosh! congratulations, it's beautiful!!

Don't think anyone else has said it, FARK, amazing, gorgeous work!

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