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June 07, 2006


new shoes do give new promise, don't they? I fully agree. Here's wishing you a summer full of fun, play, and...finishing of projects!

what lovely shoes! And a lovely idea to go with them. Good times ahead, I can feel it :)

oh i love this picture! how sweet all of your cute shoes in a line! hooray for summer! and getting projects finished. i need to get mine started before i can even think about putting them off...

what fun shoes! and wonderful outlook for summer! here-here to getting things done and dance parties in the living room! (one of my all-time favs)

Wonderful! You can do it. Looking forward to seeing all your finished projects.

By the way, your shoes are lovely! Which reminds me I need to get new shoes too.

haha! love the shoes photo. summer always makes us think of getting new shoes too. so much more walking turns the thoughts to feet I guess. :)

and i can totally relate to having big intentions with little to show for it -- but i'm trying to set some deadlines for myself to get things done. we'll see how it goes... ;)

I trick myself into completeing things I have a list - and then I say to myself I will just do this for 15 minutes or if the time is there half an hour then I can stop. I usually find that I become involved and before I know it I have been doing it for an hour or I am so close to completeing that I say to myself Oh I will just finnish it up!

Great Shoes!

Ah, you sound like me in the day dreaming about crafts instead of making crafts respect! I have exams and essays at the moment so no crafting - but I am writing a list of projects to start on as soon as my last exam is done!

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