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June 14, 2006


I hope Martha has been reading your blog. Sometimes I think she needs some real-life feedback, and not from a bunch of toadies that work for her and are, therefore, required to kiss backside. ;)

Ohmygod, that frosting is HILARIOUS! It still looks really delicious, though. Buttermilk is always a good addition to baked treats! Now I should probably take your cue on the modicum of restraint ...

Umm, is it just me, or is there like more frosting than cake.....
Having said that, I could probably just eat the frosting alone at the moment...

for some odd reason, I read these posts as if they were a page-turning mystery novel. I love them! and quickly read every detail to find out the bottom line (and the photos)! your cake commentary is wonderful. i hope, too, that martha could read it--not just for a 'dose of reality' but to hear your fun approach to her recipes. as a fellow martha-worshipper, I think she'd be proud!!

hmm... i'd have to agree with you on the forsting overload. but it does look deliscious! i'm an all cake girl so frosting never does it for me, but it sure looks pretty, and brown. did you post this on purpose for brown wednesday? ;)

Well, that IS a lot of frosting on top, but man it looks delicious! It's a shame that it doesn't sit as easy on the palette as one would hope.

I am sorry to hear the cake didn't turn out as planned, however, I do think your commitment to the cause is wonderful. It does look a little bit dense and rich and although Martha is good at most things, maybe this one slipped by.

Wow! That looks yummy though I agree about the cake to frosting ratio. My sister intentionally makes cake this way. She thinks cake is merely a vehicle for frosting and you have to peel half of the stuff off before you can even find the cake!

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