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June 23, 2006


Oh my! Sounds like you have a lot of work planned! I'm sure your yard will be beautiful after all your hard work. Definitely take before pictures, you can compare them to your afters and feel so much more satisfied about all you've done!

Gee, I wonder what you're working on? Heh heh.

As for the yard work, that rototilling and moving large chunks of sod around should be good for you, right? You're tough as long as the weather doesn't get too hot, so I wish you plenty of marine layer this weekend!

maybe your next craft should be one of those rice-filled muscle warmers that go in the microwave! sounds like you're going to need it! good luck with all your 'outdoor craft' projects this weekend!

Are you kidding?! Gardening is absolutely crafty! Very creative work. And I'm impressed with your energy ... my yard needs just as much, but I just glance out the window each day, lower my eyes, and move on. You'll feel SO great when it's done.

Gardening is very crafty as well as a good workout. Boy, I need to take some inspiration from you and get my booty doing some serious digging which for me means using a pick on this crazy compacted desert soil.

we are doing the same thing down here... hope the heat isn't too bad where you are!

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