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May 04, 2006


I was just telling a coworker about Lego land the other day! She didn't know they had one so I showed her the website and such! Always wanted to go! I actually really wanted to work for them and build stuff for them, but alas, I am not.

oh my gosh, eliot would FREAK out... im guessing jerry might a little bit too! have fun! dont forget the camera! :)

That sounds brilliant. Have fun! And happy birthday Brynne!

Have a sweet weekend my dear !! And thank you so much fir your birhtday wishes ! You're so kind :)

whoa, legoland! have a great time.

Happy Birthday Brynn! Legoland sounds great!

O H W H A T F U N !!!!

I can spend hours fiddling around with LEGOS.

Bring Brynn by and check out who is visiting in our BIG TREE!

MB in JT

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