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May 11, 2006


Please don't be sad! I thought it was a common occurence for cats to sometimes wander off and return a week later, making nervous wrecks of their owners. I feel for you, I would hate it if one of my dogs were to disappear. Perhaps she found the neighborhood "crazy cat lady" and when she gets tired of having to share food with 20 other cats, she'll be home, safe and sound.

Hey Kelly,

I've been through that. We lost a cat years ago and never knew what happened to him. I know it's hard, because they are part of your family, to not know where they are. I'm sending good wishes for Issey's return.

Oh how sad that one of your family memebers is missing. I hope that Issey returns home soon. I send the best of wishes to you and your fmaily for her safe return.

giga hugs to you, Kelly! dang those critters for creeping into our hearts and bringing so much love. i hope she's on her way home now...

I was just wondering this morning if Issey had come back yet! I think it's not knowing that is the worst. I hope Issey is okay and that she comes home soon. Don't give up!

i was hoping for different news. shoot.
keep hope alive!!!!

So sorry about your loss. I love cats and have had many. They do wander... I hope your cat returns. I have lost a cat before and I comforted myself knowing I had loved and cared for this special being.

We've had several cats go missing for over a week. Please print up some signs for your neighborhood, call your shelters, check your shed and your neighbors shed and go out and call your kitty's name every nite and morning. All of these have worked at one time or another to bring home one cat or the other. My husband, who never ever seems to give up, has done these things and gets full credit for bringing home our furries. I know it seems hopeless, but I encourage you to do something. Chances are very good your kitty is within the sound of your voice and has been spooked into hiding. Good luck.

I agree with Sheila, most cats don't stray far from home. If something startled her, she's around somewhere close. Keep looking, keep leaving food out for her, and keep up the hope. I'm here hoping with ya.

sending big hugs, kelly. we love our cats so much and have had this happen. so very hard. I am so sorry. it might all turn out just fine.

So sorry to hear that Issy is missing and still not home yet. But keep up hoping, she will be home someday. I understand how you felt in this case, it was like losing own baby, or part of yourself. I remembered that I used to have a cat who jumped out from 4th floor just because he was lured by some doves. After two weeks we found him in the unit next to where we lived. He was finding way home, but the way all looked the same. That two weeks was the worst in my life. I cried a lot and could not do anything but missing him. I also went out and looked for him a lot. What I want to tell you is 'Give her some time, trust her, she will find you back :). All cats are smart! and your Issy looks very smart.'If she knows that you love her this much, she will definitely find a way to let you know how much she loves you also :D

I was hoping she's be back. She is a cutie! Cats love to wander off and take vacations, though, so I'm sure she'll finish working out her wanderlust soon!

sorry about your kitty..... im a big fan of yours but have been lurking ;)... i had a cat disappear for 6 months and she came back. people always assume cats are strays and like to feed them,so dont give up!!

Oh gosh, I'm so sorry. I would feel exactly the same way if our kitty turned up missing. I'm still hoping for you, xo.

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