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May 26, 2006


These are by far the most beautiful children's pajamas I've ever seen. Your girl looks so adorable and happy, nice to see.

Those are some great patterns, you are lucky to get such a gift. That fabric would make some really great pillowcases!

i'm Australian... and it is a great country.... glad you made an aussie friend who sends you stuff...

They are the best pj's I've ever seen! Brynne is so lucky to have those to wear.

:) The pleasure is all mine.
She's entitiled to say she's cute!

Woo! Those are some super-stylin' pj's - they look like they were made especially for Brynne!

Absolutely gorgeous! You know, Brynne is starting to look a lot like you!

Gorgeous pajamas. Really beautiful indeed.

wow what amazing pj's

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