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May 19, 2006


Oh my goodness, that last book is fantastic. I think I'm going to try and place an order with Amazon Japan tonight, so I hope they have it...Thanks so much...

oh, good. I just ordered the hedgehog one...looks like a good choice! I love to be able to get a sneak preview! thanks for sharing!!

More adorable hedgehog-ness! Be still my heart :)

Thank you so much for sharing all that. Fab inspiration.

Those are great, thank you for all the scaning!

Just too cute!

Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

How's that? It's glorious! You know what I wonder? Why aren't any English language books like this? Knowing how many crafty folk love the Japanese aesthetic, why aren't the shelves packed with that? Ah well, at least there's E-bay and Amazon and whatnot.

Oh that one all in white is really a beauty! Can I resist?

The quilt book is lovely isn't it. I'm particularly smitten with the elaborately detailed red and white quilt in there. been thinking about it for weeks since I first saw it....

Oh it's all too lovely! Sometimes I actually find the Japanese books a little overwhelming and they cause me to wonder why on earth I even try to craft when there's already such great stuff out there! Love it all!

That children's zakka book is really beautiful. :) Thanks for sharing!

That quilt book has such gorgeous projects. I think I would just stare at it for several days!

That quilt book has such gorgeous projects. I think I would just stare at it for several days!

I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. As someone who had the privilege of living in Japan for a number of years prior to returning to the United States, I have a real appreciation for how artistic Japanese crafts can be (and also their crafts books!)

wow, oh wowo..... I love your books... I have read how people are ordering from Japan Amazon.. but I cant figure out how to do it... I think your quilt book is wonderful along with all the other things I have read about on your blog.. SOOOO injoy it all.. arly

thank you so much for taking the pain and putting all those photos of lovely craft online

so much inspiration, so much information


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