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May 31, 2006


Well, I think your icing is nice, unsteady hands and all. But bettercream on coconut cake?? It does sound like a bit too much.

I've really been enjoying your cake-of-the-month posts! This one sounds delicious, if perhaps a bit saturated.
(Eight sticks of butter? lol)
Someone at my house would've loved to have been a taste-tester.

I love cake but I am not too much for icing. I bet it was yummy though!

I would die for a piece of that cake. It looks SO GOOD! Maybe I can convince my mom to make me one as a welcome-home cake next time I visit. YUM!

i always love your year of cakes post. this one looks like a killer with all that butter!! that would be some teatime treat! and I think you're piping looks great too...

that would be "i think YOUR piping looks great" not you are piping looks great. whoops.

I think your cake looks really yummy! I'm not one who goes low-fat for everything either, but wow -- 8 sticks of butter is quite a bit!

ha! BUTTERcream. i have to say i am a big fan of the stuff, but really. everytime i see anything graduation related (which is quite often right now) i get excited because i am looking forward to your june chocolate cake! hey, do you have a good lemon cake recipe?

I am loving following your cake adventures - I painfully regret not knowing about this prior to January or I would have participted month to month as well! Such beautiful cakes!

Wow...what an awesome effort! It's so good hearing your experiences with the amount of butter (& we don't even like buttercream!), the uneven cakes etc...we soooo know what you're talking about! It really was a marathon wasn't it...

Your piping looks really nice Kelli! I went through an intense "I want to be a cake decorator" phase right after I got married and well, let's just say, um, a week later, I realized I'm probably better with needle and thread. Its sounds like a yummy cake, the soft color is nice too. You know I love watching this challenge unfold.

your piping rules! i love to hear about your adventures in baking. eat a little extra buttercream for me ;) !

Oh gosh! I saw this on your flickr before coming here - and it looks so, so, so good! I'm amazed at your baking skills! I can cook, but I can't bake worth a ....

I thought the picture of the frosted cake was the one from the magazine, so obviously I thought you did a lovely job! But good heavens! 8 sticks of butter? People give me a hard time about the two that I put in my cookies. And 14 egg whites! Wow! That sounds like something that I could only handle in small doses. Small delicious doses.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I LOVE the fact that you're doing this!

Wow, I am *really* impressed. I remember seeing that article and noting that cake as one that I would never have the nerve to attempt. Looks beautiful!

what a lovely cake!!

I think I'm kind of glad that travel and moving kept me from doing the May cake. I started having twitchy flashbacks to my awful, way-over-the-top January buttercream just reading your post. I think your idea of a whipped-cream frosting sounds excellent!

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