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May 10, 2006


i'm so sorry! i'm hoping that you'll have a happy reunion soon.

I'm so sorry. I can certainly sympathize with the stress and worry.

I hope Issey comes home soon.

sorry to hear about Issey, Kelly! I hope hope hope she's back by now, or is on her way home. Sending positive-kitty-thoughts your way -- hurry home, Issey!

We moved from Arizona to Maine with our 2 cats. In January 1 of them left for 5 days - it was freezing, I was sure she was dead. One night our remaining cat starts meowing like crazy at the front door like he is trying to get out so I opened the door for him and there she was. He knew she was back. Cats are quite resourceful when they need to be - keep optomistic

I'm just getting caught up on reading, and am so sad to hear this news. My heart is going out ot you, Kelly....and I'm hoping that wherever Issey is, she is well and safe. xoxoxo.

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