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May 10, 2006


well, let me add the tales of kitties coming home! my dad's cat is an outdoor cat, and she once disappeared for 2 weeks! when she returned she was all groomed and pretty. my dad thinks she has a family on the side...^_~

I'm so sad for you. Make sure you call or visit the vets in your neighborhood with a picture of Issey. I worked at a vet, and we found an animal because someone had "adopted a stray" and we had a missing flyer of the same exact dog! That will put more people on the lookout, anyway. Didn't someone in blogland lose a cat a few months ago? He came home safe and sound, so keep your optimism!

im hoping issey went on vacation too and will be back home soon safe and sound.

Hello my sweetie ! I understand you so well ! One of my cat disapeared few months ago for days then came back ! So keep the faith ! I pray for her ! I'm sure she's ok !! Big smooches to you :)

Oh, no! I'm sorry to hear about your cat. I don't know if this is helpful or not, but I heard a radio interview with an animal behavioralist who said when dogs run away, they tend to travel great distances, but when cats run away, they usually stay close to home, often hiding under, like, the porch of the very home they live in. Anyway, have hope -- chances are good that she'll return home soon.

I'm sure the not knowing is so hard! I hope you have good news soon and Issey wanders in you door--all things back to normal. It sounds like there are lots of stories of cats disappearing for a few days. Maybe issey is just on a little vacation! Keep up posted, please.

when we lived back in new orleans, we had a cat adopt us (bitty-b, alias abita the beer cat). one day he disappeared. a little more than a month later, a friend found him in a courtyard about 6 blocks away, bedraggled and with a cold, but found! i hope your wait isn't as long and Issey comes home soon.

oh no :(

well, I know many many kitties coming home stories. did you check under all your neighborhood porches?

oh kelly... i hope that she shows up very soon. when i was little our cat ran off for a coupe of days and came home very tired looking but safe. maybe someone left food out for her and she's just been chowing down in a sort of kitty-buffet binge vacation.

I'm so sorry! My kitty ran away a few times, but every time he ended up crying at the back door a few days later. It is so nerve-wracking waiting for them, but sometimes you have to trust that they are far more intelligent than we give them credit for;)

I also agree with posting flyers to all vets and animal shelters. People adopt 'strays' all the time without checking if they are missing or not.

Oh no, she's still not back? Hang tough--cats are pretty incredible about heading back home after a nerve-wrackingly long absence!

Sending good thought your way.

I hope Issey finds her way back home very soon!

:( That's no good at all! Lost pets are never easy to deal with. I'll be hoping she shows back up on your doorstep very soon!

it's so hard when a member of your family disappears like that. I hope she is just having her own little vacation. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

good thoughts, good thoughts, good thoughts
kitty come home...

I'm sorry to hear about it. Here's to Issey coming home soon.

oh :( sorry to hear Issey has gone walkabout. I hope she returns soon hale and hearty with no more wandering urges!

I'm so sorry - I'll be thinking about you and Issey.

Since you told me, I've been thinking of you, and your cat, and hoping she walks through the door any minute, or someone calls you, or you hear her meow. I know how devastating it is while they're gone. xxxx

I'm so sorry to hear that! Trudie and Linus are helping me sending good vibes your way.

I hope she returns soon.

Oh, i too have a cat and feel for you. I hope that Issey comes home soon safe and sound...

Issey come home! I'm sorry Kelly, I've been through it too and I hope for a happy reunion.

oh no, kelly, how terrible. you are in my prayers.

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