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May 15, 2006


She's such a big girl now! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BRYNNE, and man, what great news that Issey came home!

Happy birthday Brynne!

What a beauty! Happy Birthday, Brynne!

Happy Birthday Brynne!! Your present is coming when I get my study back off my brother, and can get to your wrapped present :)

FANTASTIC shark photo by the way!

she is too cute! my oldest son was so jealous you got to go to legoland. that is one of his dream vacations!! Cj is three in July...it does seem to go by so fast. they go from babies to little independant balls of energy. I am very glad to hear your kitty came back. and it looks like you had some wonderful thrify finds! all in all it seems like things are doing very well for you lately! enjoy!!

happy birthday, Brynne!

Oh my heaven's those pictures are so sweet. Your girl is the sweetest, I can't get over the toes in the 2nd pic and the chub arms in the 3rd! Happy birthday to you! 3 is a magical age.

So sweet! Isn't it amazing the change between 2 and 3? They just change from a baby to a child so suddenly - that is what happened to my little one!

She's a cutie!

hooray for brynne! happy birthday sweetie! you know kelly, they talk about the terrible two's because they dont want to worry you about the threes...

so glad issey is back, i hope all of you got lots of snuggles in!

wow! it's amazing how much she changed from two to three! what a beauty...

glad to hear Issey made it back! yay!!!!

what a cutie
and isn't it amazing how they change
in such little time?

happy b-day sweet monkey girl!!!

What a cutie pie!

How sweet! Your Brynne is such a little cutie! I didn't realize how close in age she is to my little Isabelle. Brynne birthday is only a month later than hers. Don't you just love them at this age? :)

she's so adorable!! to top it off we share the same birthday! :)

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