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April 19, 2006


Wow! Those little face sketches really rock! I'd love a shirt with them!

How old is Brynne?? When my daughter, Emm first started to draw representationally I was thrilled, too. I remember one of her first attempts at life drawing when she drew me and would look up from her paper to say,"Let me see your leg," or "Let me see your chin." Then, return to paper to produce said body part. It was great!

My friend Bethany from Bitter Betty will be there as a vendor. If you see her, say hi for me. I'll be at home hoping for early labor. :)

Cute! It looks like she was trying different emotions! That is a whole lot of yarn from one sweater. Impressive! I can't wait to see what you knit!

what a cool idea for a tattoo!

and i so want to do the same thing
regarding the recycled knits...


I totally wish I was going to the Maker Fair! It's so close! In fact, you'll probably drive right by my house in Prunetucky on your way up. It's my daughters birthday this weekend, though, and I'll have a house full of dear friends over to visit and celebrate, so I guess it won't be all bad that I'm not at the Fair.

I'll just have to wait and read about it here when you get back!

i love kid art too! i've thought about the same thing re: tattoos.

i'm so jealous! Jess Hutch workshop?! Awesome! have fun...

hope you are feeling better soon.

I was just looking at my daughter's drawings this morning having the same proud feelings. I love seeing the transformation. Now she is beginning to draw clothes on people, which I love. the problem is that she's always giving her drawings away to friends/family. I'm going to have to start sneaking photocopies or something!
I love your recycled yarn. what type of yarn is it? For my first recycling I tried with a beautiful cotton sweater, but i found that the yarn became untwisted as I unravelled it from the sweater. I'm dying to try this again, though with a better wool.

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