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April 17, 2006


LOVE the little bunny!

that bunny is terrific....

That little bunny is so adorable! Great job!

That's the cutest little Easter bunny I've seen!

AH!!!!! So cute!!!! Good on you and Jerry for figuring it out without a pattern!

lucky brynne to have such a sweet bunny! and lucky mommy, way to go on the potty success! im dreaming of the day of no diapers...

Way to go on constructing that bunny pattern! I really like the carrots too.



fabulous work! woo hoo for potty success!

I'm so happy to find your blog! Fantastic!

i love your bunny--those ears, that expression. And i'm definitely going to have to steal your idea of the trail of jelly beans to the easter basket next year!

Not only is it so super sweet, but I love the story you wrote with it.

She is adorable.

Sweet bunny! She's lovely.

Fantastic blog - your gorgeous creations are real inspiration. Love your quirky ideas!

This bunny is so cute!

I have been searching for an hour on the net for instructions on how to make bunnies by hand. This adorable bunny would be perfect. I really want to make one for my boyfriend for valentines day. Is there anyway in which you could give me some tips & info?
I don't have a sewing machine but my handstictching is fairly okay. I'm 15 and this would be the perfect hoilday project.

Please do contact me if you can give me some info on how how make such a cute bunny:)

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