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April 28, 2006


I saw it at Costco if anyone lives near one. I wish I could remember the price, but I would guess it is a good deal...

oh i just saw this kit when i went to see the quilts of gees bend in atlanta. cool!

Thanks for the run down of what is in the kit.

Kelli, thanks so much for posting this. I was one of the ones trying to decide how much I needed this, since I already had the book. I did get an email that the kit is onsale at amazon, 35% off if I remember correctly.

I love patchwork, especially by hand. Hope you have a great time with your kit.

I'm glad you posted this kelly. I don't have the book, and this looks really neat. I pretty much love anything chronicle books! But I've always wanted to ask someone about the denyse schmidt quilt book--I have made a "quilt" or two with absolutely no training on how to really make one...do you think her book has good instruction on the basics. I really don't have any training--I've always just made it up as I went along....

Thanks for posting this! I was definitely trying to decide.

I love Denise's colour range, she's very talented in that way. In a lot of ways, but that way particularly. The quilt you chose for the quilt-a-long is making my head ache just to look at it! It's certainly stunning looking.


Being a Denyse Schmidt fan, I thought you would like to know...Denyse is guest writing on www.QuiltersBuzz.com for the next few posts. Talking about her fabric line and other new stuff in the works.

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