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April 24, 2006


So glad you had fun! And you felt better, right? Speaking of vehicles and tall people, we test drove a Honda Fit this weekend. Both of us fit in it! I'm waiting for my trusty Toyota to die before getting a new car, though.

wow, the faire sounds like so much fun...feeling very jealous. we just moved out east(MD) and I'm trying desperately to find some cool faires to check out, but no success. I will just have to live vicariously through other's experiences!!
I'm looking forward to seeing some of your photos once your camera returns!

jill's a friend of mine! so glad you got to meet her. sounds like you had fun!

Sounds like it was a interesting faire! I have been reading all about the Bazaar Bizarre on my friends page on LJ, I wish we had craft faires like that here in Australia! But thankfully thanks to all you crafty bloggers I can still see what's going on ;)

mini cars, crafts and no kids? sounds like a great weekend!! thanks for the report.

It was so nice to meet you, Kelly, thanks so much for coming to my workshop. I'm glad I appeared calm & collected - I was so nervous!

Why do I never learn about these cool things until after they're over??? This looks awesome, and it was only about 20 miles from me... Can't wait to see your photos.

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