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April 05, 2006


I love all of it! must do the bean thing with Max, and the teatowels are great!

Great idea! This month my son is learning about plants in his day care. I will bring the project idea to his teacher. Thanks for sharing.

must make greenhouse...must go to kmart... thank you for the wonderful weekend projects!

I know my kidets would love that greenhouse project, we may need to try that. I'm always surprised at what I find at K-Mart. You just never know!

I want those towels! They are too cool. Too bad all our Kmarts closed down. And I can't find them on the Kmart site. Booooo!

hmmm...we've got a kmart right up the road from where i work! woo hoo!

and i love the greenhouse! i've been talking to my 2 year old about how plants grow so this will be lots of fun.

thanks for sharing such a great project! and i will have to see if our kmart has those towels. so cheerful.

Love the greenhouse. We're going to do that tonight.

Are those towels "tea towels" (ie no loopy threads)?

Oh wow! Love the bean prokect- my son would LOVE it. We had a disaster with our recent planting project LOL.

And those towels are to DIE for!!

I thought it was a little bird in the bag! It's even better that's it's something growing. Those botanical towels are great, might have to make a trip to KMart!

Those towels are great!! I want some. No, I NEED some!!
BTW, we took our trip to the yurt! You'll have to read my post about it when you get time. Funny!

Those towels are so cute.. I don't think there's a Kmart very nearby though. Boo..

I am heading to the big K. Gotta get those towels. Just perfectly springy! (I know I will be happy now to dry those darn dishes!)

These towels are sooooo cute ! Can they be bought by Internet ?? Smooches :)

i need to go to kmart. there are none in the city so i have to go on an adventure!

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