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April 04, 2006


your bonnet looks great! so cute :)

love the colors of the bonnet
and that envelope
is too sweet...

OOhh! So cute! Perfect prints for that bonnet, I must say. I haven't tried the envelopes yet, but you've got me running for my paper now!

Those are the cutest envelopes I've ever seen in my life!

oh!! so cute! I'm so happy you liked it all-post these photos in the mailorder flickr group if you haven't already! (that sounded bossy, sorry.)
your brynne is so lovely!

Much cuteness! COngrats on earning your second merti badge, I haven't even earned my first. I don't know if I'll be able to use the bonnet pattern, as I think Lily wouldn't really go for it. Perhaps if this moose of a baby I'm growing is a girl...
I love your envelope! I saw the template, but never thought about making one, DUH! I even have some cute new scrapbook paper I can use. I think I need to get busy on some handmade thank-you cards because this baby will be here before I know it.

so cute! im itching to make that bonnett, itching i tell you! though, i think it might be best to wait until arlo has a somewhat regular schedule. so i can prepare myself for the sleep deprevation!

Darling bonnet on a darling child. Love how you did it with Project Spectrum in mind. Also, LOVE the envelopes. Who wouldn't want to receive that pretty little package? Lovely.

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