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April 10, 2006


Cute hat for a cute guy. :)

Very nice! I love looking at those pinwheels too. It seems that they appear like magic. I was afraid of dpns at first, but now I prefer them. I'll even use them for straight knitting if I can get away with it. For circular projects, it helped me to remember that although there are a lot of needles sticking out everywhere, I was only knitting on two at a time, just like "regular" needles. I don't remember where I read that, but it helped!

Good for you! I *never* thought I'd understand dpns and circulars, and now they're the only things I use. Socks, look out, here she comes! And then there will be no looking back...

Socks are really easy. Just look at them as a tube with a hiccup. That's all they are.

What a great hat! Yummy colour. And the decreases *are* beautiful. Knitting can be magic in some really simple ways.

The hat looks great! And I don't think the pinwheels ever get boring, I still like watching the patterns decreases make.

the hat is great! and i love how patient jerry looks in the first picture. your decreases are so nice and tight. i think i need to switch to DPs instead of circular because mine are always loosey goosey. what pattern in that? that is the perfect length hat for david he likes it to just sit on his head.

that is lovely...it reminds me of those beautiful cowlickss babies have...

nice work! hats are my favourite things to knit. the pinwheels are beautiful.

what a lovely hat!

i'm working on my first pair of socks right now. i was really scared of all those crazy techniques but the knittinghelp.com videos were very helpful for any questions i had. the only drag with socks that i'm finding so far is that i'm almost done with the first one and then...i still won't be able to wear them until i make the second!

Very nice hat. I have attempted to make two hats and I can never get the bottom tight enough. I also use colored pencils as DPN's which is probably not the best tool.

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