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April 11, 2006


These are so pretty! Love the color range.

I think your eggs are beautiful. The pastel colors look just like the ones I used to get from a friend who raised chickens. His chickens laid ones that were lovely pale shades of green. They make a nice contrast to your deeper colored eggs. I do love the deep purple ones. You did good all around!

They're all pretty, but I love the dark blue.

Those are beautiful colors! I'm with you on the not wanting to be wasteful, but it's great that you used natural dyes, even if the dyestuff was not eaten. Better for the planet, I assume. I don't know if boiled vinegared cabbage can be composted...

These colors are so rich...the eggs are beautiful, Kelly.

Wow! These came out so beautifully! Well done!

Beautiful! I saw this on tv the other day and just couldn't get it together to do it (I just bought a pack of food coloring to do it the easy way). It's nice to see somebody's doing it, and with such gorgeous results.

that is brilliant! i haven't been to the martha site in a while so thanks for sharing.

These look so great, Kelly! The blue ones look especially pretty. :)

I love your eggs! I tried the coffee version last year and had the same conclusion as you did, that they looked like regular brown eggs. Which dye did you find to be the easiest? I'd love to try one more batch this year. I just don't think i have the time to try them all...I'd love to know what you find the best dye/results. thanks!

These are so beautiful! Beats Paas for sure!

what lovely eggs! i am so impressed by how many times you tackle martha projects. i flip through the magazine and think to myself, that is really cool, but man im way too lazy. way to go you! looking forward to this months cake saga as well!

These are great, but I am a traditional Paas girl, so I will not be boiling any cabbages or beats this Easter. :)

Gorgeous! I've wanted to try dyeing eggs this way and always wondered how well it worked. Looks like it's a winner! (Actually, I already bought the Hello Kitty dyeing set this year, so looks like I'll have to wait for next year to try this out. A 5 year old might not take kindly to the change in plans!)

Your eggs are marvelous. As a side note, beets and red cabbage make great indicators for acids and bases. So if you wanted to see what household products you own are acidic are basic, you can take the beets and cabbage (seperately) and boil them in water for 10 minutes. Then divide the liquid into several containers and add a drop or two of household products into the liquid. The color of the cabbage/beet juice will change depending on the pH.

Egg-sellent! Sorry about that! They look great and have inspired me to get a move on with getting ready for easter and maybe even try and dye some eggs.

They are so beautiful! I can't believe how intense the colors are! I used food coloring and they turned out so weak! It was my first time dying eggs, so go figure. But I will be doing natural next year for sure!

Oooo. Stunning results! I have the old MS issue that has that "project" in it and have been wanting to do that ever since. Each year I balk when I think of all the wastefulness. That, and the price of produce always seems so steep this time of year.
I have a little flyer about dyeing eggs naturally from Frontier Herbs so, following those instructions, today we tried dyeing some eggs with turmeric powder that I had on hand. They're steeping in the fridge overnight. We're going to try some beet root powder I have tomorrow, and maybe some safflower petals and hibiscus flowers, too.
We might have to give the red cabbage a try, too, since yours turned out so beautifully. My mom makes a Norwegian cabbage dish that is cooked with water, sugar, and vinegar. Maybe I could somehow incorporate the dyebath with the cooking of that dish? Hmmm.

these turned out beautiful!!!

wow - those are lovely - i keep wanting to get into dying and natural dyestuffs for yarn - would have never occurred to me to go the natural route for eggs!

my mom did this yesterday, and they were pretty, but yours are amazing!!

the maroon is the best, I guess I am a little bias since that is my favorite color

Your eggs look really beautiful. You have made me just decide to get fancy with our eggs today. I was actually dreading easter egg dyeing this year for some reason, but I think I'll pull out some old Martha's and get inspired. So, thanks Kelly.

Hello sweetie ! I wish you a Happy Easter ! I wish I could make such nice eggs !! Big big smooches ! PS did you get my last mail ?

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