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March 06, 2006


Wow, what a great deal you got! The colors are beautiful together.

Wow, I didn't see these at my Jo-Anns, lucky you. They do look great together, a quilt, any quilt, would look just amazing with these together.

Yeah, I felt the same way, having grown up in Ventura and living there till I was 18. I love the change of seasons in Portland. As a kid, I used to look at pics of kids in ear muffs and ice skates and all that stuff and was just fascinated by it! I don't miss the constant 72 degress at all. I agree that the season is what makes life so fun!

Sigh. I'm not allowed to go there anymore... I don't even have to cross the street to get to my Jo-Ann's. But it's off-limits, at least until I finish one or two or ten of the unfinished quilts I have around here. Those colors and prints that you picked are right up my alley, though. Nice score!

I am so jealous. They all look so beautiful! What do you think you're going to do with it?

we've had over 200" of snow in colorado. it's been a little warm the past couple days though and i waited for moments to chip the ice and snow off the deck. i finally got down through the ice today - yea! it really is so exciting to know the seasons are changing. i could send some snow (if you had a way...)

those colors are fantastic...
i can't wait to see what you make
with them

Those really look fabulous together! I can't believe the price too! As far as quilt styles go, I'm really fond of just simple squares. I'm also very afraid to attempt anything other then that! ha.

What a fantastic deal! I love all those colors and prints! In terms of quilt blocks, isn't there one that's shaped like a sailboat? I think it would be fun to have each sail a different color/pattern. And I see a nice blue (thrid column second from the back that looks like it would be lovely water. Or there are those blocks that look like pinwheels. That's what comes to mind right now. Whatever you make, I'm sure it will be delicious!

Great score on Joann's fabrics. . woo hooo!!

And, the weather. . . it *has* been strange the last couple of years. Having lived here virtually my entire life, I wish I could experience a season change every now and then. At least once would be nice.

And I think it's kinda sad that my kids have never seen snow! (Well they've seen artificial snow from a machine. . . but that's it!)

Hubba Hubba. Those are some seriously droolworthy fabrics. Funny thing that, I just went to Jo-Anne's today and scored some serious fabric to add to my stash too. I'll have to take a pic and upload to flickr.

beautiful fabric prints (and of course, i really love that green and pink)!!!! joanns has a couple stores closing out here...(the smaller ones) and i was trying to get their furniture for sale (you know, stuff that'd be perfect for the studio?!) but everything was sold... and the fabrics left seemed much picked out... and i dont like having a "thrifting" mentality if i am at a retail store... (that's why i don't like tj max)


I just want you to know after I read your blog I ran as fast as I could to my local Jo-Anns and got some myself. It wasn't 40% off, but it was still clearance. You got way more colors than I did! I may have to hit another Jo-Anns!

I am such a copy-cat because I just went out and bought some of the same fabrics! But they were so irresistable. Now, for what to make...so, what are making with them?

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