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March 09, 2006


That's one of the coolest necklaces I have ever seen.

I'm not in the loop on kid's music. Most of it drives me batty. I'll keep an ear out for Dan Zanes.

oh your necklace is lovely! sorry to hear you are feeling blah. try to enjoy the lounging if you can. i spent pretty much the whole day on the sofa in my pjs. i think the rain justified it.

What a pretty necklace! I hope you feel better soon!

we watch noggin
quite a bit
in our house...
(i've always got that "books are the lendiest"
song stuck in my brain)

and love love love
that necklace...

Woman, toss your old toothbrushes, they harbor the germs that have gone before and keep making you sick again. *shudders* mutagens...icky! Hope everyone gets better soon.

that necklace is amazing, kelly.

I hope everyone gets well soon! That is a gorgeous necklace!

My kids and I strongly disagree with your Ohmie bashing. To us that was the best part of the show. We caught the Jamarama in New York as well as SB. It's obvious you haven't seen much kid's entertainment out there. Most of the stuff floating around is just rehashing of previous shows. Since you put Dan Zane on such a high pedestal, I doubt you've seen too much. Oh well, to each his own. We're just excited for the upcoming TV series!

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