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February 06, 2006


I forgot all about these, but thank you for reminding me. I've got to get on the good mom route and get everything ready for Valentine making this weekend, we may have to make some of these. I, as a mom, would much rather my kid get something like this from a pal than more candy.

Yes, the same thing happened to me when we did them a few months ago. I used an old bag of misc. broken crayons, so it was probably a mix of washable and not. Those are so cute in the heart shape!

Those are so cute! I've been wanting to do this project. Lily and I have a planned craft night tomorrow night to make Valentines, we may have to attmept this.

those are the cutest! i have to say - the only time i ever baked crayons (i was trying to build a lake for a model on a set design) they caught fire in the oven. i thought the lake of fire might be interesting for the show, but a little too dangerous for the actors.

I tried making some, too, but i used a cheaper brand of crayons. I thought that was the reason why they had a layer of wax on the top. I had to toss them out cause my daughter really wanted to use them, but couldn't get any color out of them. She would end up frustrated and would stop drawing because of that. Oh well! She's now back to her stick crayons.

Those are so fun! I'm going to have to try that.

These look great! And a good thing to keep kids occupied for a while.

Yours came out so cute, this is such a great project :) Different brands of crayons definitely give different results; the only down side for me is having to get all the paper wrapping off ;)

Our oldest son LOVED to sit and peel the paper off crayons sometime around the time when he was a bit over a year old. I think it was the first time as a mom that I had a half an hour straight of uninterrupted time! I think I abused it a bit, occasionally pulling out the box of crayons when I needed a little break!
Anyways, we used the regular Crayolas to make some like that in a mini muffin pan and they worked just fine.
One time my SIL and I tried to color candles with cheap crayons from the dollar store and the color wouldn't mix with the candle wax.
Yours turned so pretty!

I used Crayola crayons mixed with others, including glittery ones. Although the wax did separate slightly (less than 1mm thick) I thought that they worked out very well, for a first try!

what a wonderful idea!!!!!! they turned out so pretty!

I hope the problem is solved, but either way they are very cute!

These are fabulous. Wish I was still teaching little people to give this a go!

I've tried this before but the colors always mixed up. Then I found out how to do the wax in layers for fun rainbows! Check out the full instructions and photos here

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