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February 01, 2006


that is freakin' awesome, especially for the first working with fondant!

That looks too good to be eaten! :)
What a wonderful idea! It would have definitely made the occasion extra special for your sis-in-law!

That looks wonderful! A very good job for a first time using fondant!

Awww, that's such a sweet cake, Kelly! It must have been difficult to cut into! I've always wanted to try fondant; did you make your own? I've seen packaged fondant in the stores, I wonder if that's any good...

that cake is absolutely remarkable! i have never been so brave...i hope it tasted as good as it looked

That's just fantastic. So great to see a creative approach to quilt making! It shows no sign of being made by a fondant novice.

I'm like you in trying new things at the last minute - I did Genach icing for the first time for my partner's 40th. Was fine till I realised with the increadibly hot weather I was going to need to make space in the fridge for a giant cake, alongside all the food to feed 60 people!

That is an utter and complete work of art. Absolute perfection. I could never do anything like that. Amazing!

Thats one amazing quilt-cake!

You made that????!!!! That cake is amazing! Wow, I'm put to shame. hahaha

Holy cow! I can't even imagine making something like that. It is awesome!!

Amazing cake! I can identify with your impulse to jump into new techniques--but what I don't understand is how your first attempts end up looking so polished. Thanks for sharing the photo.

Wow! That was your first cake using fondant? If you hadn't mentioned it I would've thought you were a professional baker!


Wow, what an awesome cake. Great job!

everyone has already said it but...AMAZING!!!

my goodness kelly. what ever it is you are doing now, quit and open up your own bakery! not only does the cake look amazing, but the flavor sounds fantastic! well done you! ps. loving the citrus...

That is freakin' incredible. It looks like one of those super fancy schmancy wedding cakes that people charge a million dollars for! All these hidden talents of yours are leaking out ...

omg. That cake is simply stunning. Stunning!
Well done :D

It really _was_ good tasting too! I'm hurt though - no mention of your dutiful husband cutting out all of the little animals?

Wow! I can't believe you made such a beautiful cake the very first time working with fondant. Wow.

That quilt cake (takes the cake?) is simply amazing! I can't believe people actually ate it. I would have just wanted to stare...

That's incredible! Well done! Are you taking commissions yet?

what a fantastic cake!!!! I'm amazed. I refuse to put that much effort into something that's just going to be devoured so good on you!

That cake is amazing!

OK, my jaw dropped when I saw that cake you created. It belongs tucked in the pages of a martha mag. it is amazing. what a wonderful surprise for your sister in law!

That's amazing, it's so perfect I can't even believe it's food!

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