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February 15, 2006


I think your more rustic version looks delicious! And I love your "cake of the month" feature--I might bake one or two of those right along with you! I hope Brynne is better soon, too.

Martha's ARE beautiful...but I do think yours have a certain element of charm and personality that hers lack!

Loving your cake baking experiment... so fun and funny too! :) Martha's may look divine, but as long as your's taste like hers look then that's all that matters. Love your blog... glad I stumbled upon it!

This is fantastic. It's like getting a pro chef test the recipes before I try them.

I had a look at those but was a bit intimidated. Now thanks to you I know all the secrets! Thank you so much. I might just give it a go.

I almost licked the screen! I think yours look really really cute! Now that I've gotten the February fix, I'm all excited to see March's treat!

Hey thanks! I was actually waiting on the edge of my seat for your next completed cake masterpiece! I love love love chocolate mousse and I don't have hours of uninterrupted time so perhaps one layer would do me.

You always make me so hungry!

I'm so glad you tried this cake as I have been contemplating it as well. I was thinking of making it as one big cake though. I suppose that would be pretty hard to cut, but it would mean not buying the eight ramikins that I have no other use for. I also followed your link to the recipe and discovered that Martha now has videos on her website. It made quite a difference seeing her make the cake too, makes it seem less daunting.

So good to see that someone else has given this recipe a whirl. We are also taking the Year of Cakes challenge and are planning to give it a go sometime this week... We have bumped into other people on the web who are also doing this... after we survived the Jan lemon cake we started a flickr group so we can check out what others are doing on this challenge! If you want to check it out go to http://www.flickr.com/groups/yearofcakes

I nearly wet my pants laughing at the story of how triple became double... and I even started a new folder on my computer called "funny blog stories" cause I don't want to forget.

Love your version of the cake best, made with love!

Yummy! My Valentine's plan was to make those too, but then I read the little note at the end of the recipe saying they were not for pregnant women due to the uncooked eggs. Boo hoo! Total disappointment! I guess I have to wait...

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