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February 28, 2006


Way to go! It looks great.

I know you can do it. Although it is quite ambitious to ask students to have front and back ready for Saturday.

Anyway, keep at it and please show us when you're done :-)

This wool looks so soft - it definitely looks "livable".

Keep going, keep going!!! You'll get quicker in time, and you'll be surprised how much gets done in 2 hours!! By the way - the Blue Sky Alpaca Alpaca/silk mix you sent me knits up beautifully :)

looks great! keep it up! you can do it!!

Go, go, go, you can do it! Good for you to pick a fabulous yarn, *and* to knit something for yourself. If you can resist the urge to measure every couple of rows (you know, like the "watched pot" syndrome, knitting that is measured never gets any longer), I'm sure the superchunky will make the sweater grow in no time. Can't wait to see it done.

Have you seen the new Denyse Schmidt fabric line? it's beautiful.

wow! what a lot to have done! but i bet you'll come through just fine. your knitting looks so nice and even.

and what yummy yarn...!

that is beautiful yarn ... thank you for the recommendation.

Looks like you're making really great progress! And isn't that yarn fantastic?! I've never tried knitting with it, but I like to pet it when I'm in stores that sell it. Oooh! You know what would be cool? A Pat the Bunny-style book for knitters with swatches of different yarns that they can pet! Or maybe that's not cool and I'm just weird, but I'm ok with that, too.

I LOVE DEBBIE BLISS CASHMERINO! :) That is a fabulous color!

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