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February 16, 2006


Those are so nice. I just "inherited" (saved from the trash) a box of Easter decorations from a great-great aunt. I have no idea what's in the box, but I hope it is half as cute as what you posted.

I just found that catalogue on our office manager's desk, it is seriously cool. Not as fond of the easter decorations as I am of the awesome knife/scissor set in pink.

If you were the only one nuts about it, you're not now. Incredibly, faint-inducing-ly cute!

oh i love easter stuff!
vista print was pretty good, the real test will be postcards!
ha! your daughter sounds funny! i used to do that too, very organised sticker albums!
hee hee.

I don't really celebrate the holiday but this definitely makes me want to rethink it. How cute!

ack! i am going down to the sf ferry bldg tomorrow and definitely going into sur la table now! thank you for sharing!

I love this soooo much!!!

haha! your bunny post is right on time as usual... your holidy posts are always ahead of the curve. i confess i've had bunnies on the brain lately too though - so i'm happy to see that i'm in good company. :)

I keep coming back to your site just to look at those eater egg tray. I wish I could have it here but my place is halfway around the world from your place.

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